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How It Works

Enjoy the best Vegan Meals Delivered right to your doorstep

Our Services and How They Work:

Here at Vegan on the Go, we offer a flexible, commitment-free subscription that can be paused, canceled or delayed without any fees or penalties.

Each week our chefs create 5 delicious homestyle meals made with fresh ingredients designed to leave you satisfied.

vegan Meal Delivery

Our Plans:

These meals are then delivered to your home or address of your choice in a temperature controlled cooler bag or box for only 84.95 a week. 

If you prefer to order in advance, we also offer our buy three, get one free monthly bundle for a reasonable price of 245.95. This includes 4 weeks of meal delivery with 5 scrumptious plant-based wholesome entrees each week. 

Speaking of saving money, if you have someone else you want to eat healthy with, be they a close family member or that special someone you can wow with a dinner for two then you’re in luck, because each additional plan has a 5% off family discount!

On a busy schedule? Sick of constantly eating out because you don’t have the time to set aside for cooking? Try our 10 meal plan for the low price of 135.95 so you can focus on what you need to do without sacrificing the quality of what you eat.

vegan meal delivery

Create the plan you desire:

Customize your own plan by choosing the displayed Vegan meals you crave,

Deliver to your door and choose the time your prefer:

Have them delivered to you each Monday at a time between 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

vegan Meal

Never worry about cooking again:

And enjoy the convenience of delicious, nutritious meals, handcrafted to perfection for your convenience and ready to be eaten within minutes of delivery!