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Enjoy the best Vegan Meals Delivered right to your doorstep

How does delivery work?

Will these meals help me lose weight?

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

Simple! All you do is pick the subscription you want, check out, and your meals will be delivered on the next Monday between 12pm and 7pm. Cut off day is Saturday. We pack your lunches in insulated coolers so even if you’re not home, your meals for the upcoming days will be waiting for you when you do. (Some conditions apply)

Absolutely, our meals are designed with only healthy and nutritious ingredients. Add our lunches in with a balanced diet and exercise, you should be fit and healthy in no time. Some conditions apply see terms & conditions

Short answer no! All of our healthy meals are delivered weekly (Mondays between 12 pm – 7 pm) in insulated cooler bags (with ice packs inside). This keeps your delicious meals fresh and delicious on the day of delivery – that way you don’t need to be home to receive delivery. We also have a special box at checkout for any specific delivery instructions.

How much does it cost?

How does ordering work?

Is there a deadline for deliveries?

We are probably the most affordable, healthy alternative to bistro style vegan, healthy food. With our vegan meals starting at only $10.99 each, you will see the value not only in price, but in convenience.

Easy as pie, just select your subscription. Pay for the service as you use it, we charge weekly. No need to purchase several orders in advance. Deliveries are on Mondays between 12pm and 7pm. Subject to change upon notice.

We deliver on Mondays and all orders need to be requested by Saturday morning.